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Gemstone Jewelry

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BIQ Exports are suppliers of Gemstone Bracelets, Power bracelets, Reiki bracelets, Seven chakra bracelets, gemstone beaded necklaces, hand crafted gemstone jewelry, sterling silver gemstone jewelry, healing jewelry, semi precious stone jewelry, lapidary supplies, wire wrapped supplies, loose beads etc.

We are manufacturers of semi precious stone bracelets, rings, beads, necklace, belts, birthstone jewelry, Wiccan jewelry, etc

Our wholesale gemstone jewelry is made of best quality stones.

We offer hundreds of styles and designs. Every one of our styles is available in your choice. You can even mix and match any of the gems we offer to create a unique, personalized design. We are confident that you will be impressed with the quality of our craftsmanship and because we manufacture all of the jewelry ourselves, we can pass the savings on to you.

Stones :
Crystal quartz , rose quartz , amethyst , clear quartz , lapis lazuli , sodalite , agate , aventurine , tiger eye , ruby zoisite , sunstone , garnet , ruby , emerald , sapphire , golden quartz , jasper , moonstone , labradorite , Fluorite , Obsidian , Jade , Citrine , Ruby Fuchsite , spinal matrix , iolite , Golden topaz , Amazonite , Blood stone , rainbow moonstone , Banded agate , Black tourmaline , Unakite , Green aventurine , Smoky Quartz , Red jasper , Blood agate , Onyx , carnelian.

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